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This is only a one-day experience, so it may be that this does not reflect the day-to-day reality. Sorry about that.

For somebody just needing to come for one day, the whole registration process if really an overkill. Additionally, the browser window was not in private mode, so your data will be saved by the browser (autocomplete) and other users / new members can see personal details which is not very cool.

I would have expected the internet to be much faster (came in the morning when there was not so much going on). I did a test again a local server in Denpasar and it only reached about 40 Mbps (up/down). Decent, comparable to what you can get at your airbnb / hotel, but not the speed I had expected. I had problems connecting to some servers in Europe and I had to use my phone hotspot to fix the issue. In the afternoon there was somebody complaining about the internet speed. Maybe this was just a problem that day – it can happen! On a similar test I did from Hubud I got around 75Mbps (up/down) – so a clear difference.

I think the photos on the internet overpromise regarding the location / pool / views. While it is definitely nice, you have high expectations when coming and the reality is a bit more normal.

You might get the impression that the pool belongs to the co-working space but it is actually a very short walk to a hotel near the co-working space.

It seems that the community is really nice and you can get some work done. The team was very friendly and helpful.

On Thursday they even had a 15 minutes massage for anybody who wanted and offered some really nice sweets in the afternoon.

It it is a rainy, cold day, bring some socks with you if you have cold feet. You will need to take your shoes off.

Would come back! Thank you.