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For many people visiting or indeed living in Chiang Mai, finding somewhere conducive for work is important.

There are things to consider… What are the people like? Are other members here to work or just appear to be working? Is it good value? Is it clean and well-designed? What’s the location like? Is the internet fast and robust?

You get the picture, lots to think about and rarely do they blend well together. You always seem to be making a compromise somewhere.

Amazingly, Alt Chiang Mai is one of those places which ticks very box and then some 🙂

The people here are wonderful. They’ve been welcoming and friendly and it’s a pleasure to see them when arriving.

The other members are here to work and a wonderful diverse group as well.

The internet is super fast, both up and down and the facilities are excellent.

The design is excellent, with a quiet are, a bigger open areas, a small cafe plus call rooms, a meeting room and a nap room! Zzzz.

What continually impresses is the cleanliness. Immaculate doesn’t do it justice. The lady who looks after the place is just wonderful. So friendly and speaks incredibly good English!

Last but not least, the location. Just brilliant. On the edge of the old city, with a smashing Thai restaurant opposite, a coffee roaster and cafe down the street and even my favourite spa only two minutes away.

It’s a so enjoyable being here and a huge thank you to John the founder making me feel so welcome.

If you need a Co-working space in Chiang Mai, look no further. Highly recommended.