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I am happy that my first time coliving and coworking experience started with Alt. Perfect place. Nice people. Amazing stuff. Everything new! I took the most expensive room and it definitely coats the money. Perfect location.
Very comfortable work places with comfortable chairs. Good wifi.

The registration took about 1 hour. I would like to know before it will take so long. Because i was really tired after long trip. So be prepared.

The wifi always disconnects on my phone and computer when i didn’t use them and needed to connect every time.

The password for wifi is only for 2 devices. But if you need more so just ask for it.

The entrance to the place is with finger print but mine never worked so they gave me a password.

There is a private chat for members so its super easy to contact with people and join and visit some noce places together.

The stuff is totally amazing. They helped me with everything, like my laundry took 1 day.

1. Please make a room for video record. And podcast recording.
2. Maybe use name tags on shirts. Will be easy to communicate
3. Maybe suggest a sign on the work space if person prefer not to talk to anyone. Or opposite maybe he can chat and want to chat with people.