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Really the best co-living / co-working space I’ve stayed at, so I decided to leave a quick review (and I get paid 0.00€ to do this). 🙂

1 month co-living + co-working package was priced at 455 EUR, which is a bit pricy in Chiang Mai standards but I would argue that it is worth every single penny.

Why? Because for this price you get:

1. A cozy room (incl. gadgets like fingerprint room access(!), air purifier, Air Conditioner, big-size bed)

2. A co-living space (incl. breakfast(!), free water, fridge, micro-wave, cooking place, TV with a Netflix acc, a backyard where you can do yoga or workout).

3. Co-working access (which is on the floor below with a nap room(!), standing work tables (!), seamless Wi-Fi, a conference room and a city-centre location with cheap food for lunch and dinner, starting at 1.20 EUR/ dish).

4. A community of like-minded people (with events occasionally (ice bath, BBQ, yoga). For example in 5 minutes I’m going to a tea drinking party!

CONCLUSION: ❌❌❌Not ideal if you just need a cheap place to stay for travelling in Chiang Mai (Thailand). ✅Perfect for digital nomads / content creators / programmers / freelancers who want a getaway place to work remotely in great environment + community.