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This for me will be a lengthy review but I would like to debunk these few 1-star reviews for anyone. First if you are considering beachub I will assume you are in need of a co-working space so your number one concern is internet speed. The internet is what you expect from fiber, nice and fast. My husband and I both work for a software company. He is an engineer and I do tech support primarily around our billing component. We need fast internet and Beachub delivered. Ok now to the bungalows. Some said there wasn’t hot water. LET ME BE CLEAR. The water is as hot or cold as you need it to be. My doors open to the beautiful gulf of Thailand. The wall that others complained about have stairs to walk down if needed or it’s a two foot step down. This place is absolutely scerene. The staff were friendly and helpful. I even arrived 3 hours early and checked in with no issues. I am not a friend of anyone that owns beachub which a few people claim that’s the only reason they have 5- star reviews. Oh and let me back track to the chairs. In the co-working space the chairs are traditional office chairs, not wooden chairs. The chairs at your desk that are at your bungalows front porch area are wooden. I don’t personally see this as an issue as I can go sit in the work space if I need a comfy chair. They also offer and air conditioned meeting room if needed. I will definitely be back Beachub. Next time will be much longer. Nothing beats working, going for a swim, working, having some beers, relaxing.