My vision for moving towards a Game B world or Proto-B:A bio-regional regenerative eco-festival blending the World Expositions of years past and Burning man, composting our old destructive ways into harmonious biomimetic patterns.  I call it Healing Gaia: Enough burning it’s time to healA Regenerative Festival offering an immersive art and music experience, which seeks to transform our economic, social, and ecological landscapes through the cultivation of resilience and regenerative lifestyles.Expert instructors will conduct workshops in ecosystem restoration, indigenous knowledge, veganic permaculture, biocyclic food forests, algae cultivation, seaweed carbon sequestration/ bioremediation, alternative energy production, natural building and construction, community food resiliency, plant-based medicines, co-habitation, complexity science, sense-making, integral theory, design thinking, first principles thinking and more.Healing Gaia integrates multi-modal aspects of intentional cohabitation and regenerative healing modalities to support the resurgence of our collective spirit and will be a nurturing  sanctuary for those seeking to explore their inner worlds while also giving back to the planet and all of its inhabitants.