I’m a techie who’s been living in San Francisco for the past 6 years. Thanks to COVID work went “Work From Home” indefinitely. I decided to not renew my lease and start exploring the US while I wait for South America boarders to open. My plan is to spend the next 18 – 24 months backpacking across the world while working my current job/career remotely.Looking for a furnished room with a small space to work take zoom calls. I shockingly have no car nor plan to get one so I can pivot to international travel as soon as possible. About me, I’m 37 single male with no pets. I’m not allergic to any animals and like making new friends; people and pets alike! I prefer making a trip to the gym 3 days a week early (6 to 7 am) and try to eat mostly whole foods. Not vegetarian. Lately I’ve been cooking frequently and am looking for a kitchen with access to oven/stove top. I enjoy trying to play the guitar when one is around, meditating, snowboarding, and walking/hiking. I’m pretty extroverted but can introvert as much as the environment requires.