Hey there 🙂 Here are 6 fun facts you should know about me:1. I’m an absolute organization freak! (I love my To-Do lists as much as chocolate)2. I’m kind of a nerd and I’m always eager to learn more! (I got so excited when I bought a business bundle that included like 90 courses – so much to learn – yaaaay) + love all things self development3. I’m from Austria, but lived in the US for 1.5 years then moved to the Netherlands to study International Business4. During my studies I started a Virtual Assistant biz, pivoted a lot, did 10000 online courses and now I am a Mindset Coach that helps female aspiring entrepreneurs figure out what kind of business they wanna create that dream biz and life :)5. My goal is to be a Digital Nomad to be able to move to another country every few months and live may passion: Traveling!6. I LOVE Iced coffee and even drink it in winter haha