Nice to meet you, my name is Emilie Dalmeijer.A bit about me: I am Dutch, learning German, fluent in English, I am 24 years old and work as an E-commerce Executive for beauty webshop Lookfantastic. Part of E-commerce company The Hut Group. They expanded their office in Berlin, and I’ve been working with them since April. I am in charge of the website with trading and creative marketing. Now, I’ve been looking for an apartment for myself in Berlin. I want create more memories in Berlin and grow my career. I am neat, positive, reliable and outgoing, I am a beauty geek, ballet dancer and squash player.In my free time I love spending time outside with my partner and friends and family on the weekends. By myself I find it so exciting to explore the city and take walks in parks or near the water, or I spend my time doing sports and other outdoor activities. As much as I love to be outside, at home I like to relax and hang out, wind down, cook dinner, dance a little and watch a movie.Email: emiliedalmeijer@gmail.comTel: +31 (0) 683697433Emilie Dalmeijer