Hi All,I hope you are all well.My name is Jet, I’m a 32 year old male (but I feel like I’m 21 tbh) just moved here from Cape Town South Africa currently looking for permanent housing or a temporary solution until I find something more permanent.I work as a Digital Project Manager for adidas and I am based in Amsterdam – with a few flights over to Germany every couple weeks.I am an extremely considerate individual, that is big on manners and cleanliness. I work most days 9-5 at the office – I might work from home once a week but only if I have to for a delivery or something.I like sport, reading, watching movies and of course love going out or staying in for a few drinks. I like to socialize but I also like my own privacy – so I am very respectful of other people’s space.On the weekends, if I’m not walking around the city, or having drinks with mates I like to take it easy at home but I always love any opportunity to have a braai (a south african word for barbecue) where I’ll cook for everyone.What you’d get living with someone like me:- Someone who doesn’t take things too seriously and likes to joke around and have a good time. Within reason haha.- A clean person in general. No arguments about dishes or taking out the garbage. I will probably do your dishes and take out the garbage just because it doesn’t bother me.- A good time, I’m always keen for a games night, some drinks or adventure. Shots anyone?- A respectful roommate, who will always make sure that nobody feels uncomfortable or left out. Manners maketh man….as they say. And by “they” I mean my dad.- A decent cook, yes you heard correctly… I love to cook, so feel free to enjoy breakfast omelettes on the weekend followed by a traditional South African Braai on a Sunday if the weather ever gets sunny – handled by me – where you will no doubt experience your new favourite meal.- No confrontation, I’m a laid back guy looking to enjoy the life that this awesome city brings.- Rent paid on time… Yes, I know this is not always the case.- Lastly, I don’t party in the week much (unless you twist my arm which is quite easy), BUT I don’t mind if anyone else does.Thanks a lot.