I believe in honest, sustainable and innovative business. That positive results, financially speaking, are but a byproduct of good management. That the corporate environment can be transformed, through values and big purposes, as statements that should be lived in the daily basis.I believe that people are the foundation of every company, which is why networking and long term relationships should be cultivated every day. In order to optimize results, yes, but most importantly, to improve the way we live as a society.I believe that Entrepreneurship and Family Business are crucial to the economy’s development, because they bring employment, competitiveness and innovation. Both serve society in so many ways, that the entire population has to do with them in nearly every purchase they make.Finally, as a mentor, financier and investor, I believe in the future. We are a rather diverse group of people who, in spite of our differences, problems and poor communication, have common interests and have developed a very healthy resiliency. Which has, in turn, allowed us to evolve and care about each other and our home planet. I’m optimistic of us, as a generation that may transform humanity by doing good.