Invitation to join a Lifebushido Triangle – A Life NetworkYou are invited to join a Lifebushido Triangle for a short test for 1 week.What is a Lifebushido Triangle?A Lifebushido Triangle is a small group to help you progress towards your Bushido. Together, we inspire, support and keep each other moving towards our Bushido. If you do not have a Bushido, we help to find and clarify your Bushido.The beta test is just one email daily for 10 minutes – one hour total for one week.What is a Bushido?Bushido means bold action & brave courage. Think about a big project/mission you want to move forward. The thing that’s always on your mind. This project/mission — whether business, creative, or social entrepreneurial — is your Bushido.Does it work? Yes! We have 30 people in Triangles inspiring and guiding each other.Just reply with the decision of Yes, Future, or NoThankYou. If Yes, include a 1-2 sentence draft statement of your Bushido. Jot down what comes to mind quick and we will then tune it together. Feel free to include a brief intro/bio or your LinkedIn.I will then connect you to a new Triangle of 3-4 people starting by Monday. It is interesting and fun and you meet cool people.Keep in touchSteve