My name is Yara and I’m a 21, almost 22, yearold student from Brussels, Belgium, where I study Creative Writing at RITCS School Of Arts.I’m a passionate writer with loads of imagination. My main interest is in the world of games, movies, music and literature. I am a creative soul with an open mindset and I am willing to start a new adventure every day! But I also like to keep my peace and have my moments of zen and yoga. In my spare time, I have a lot more interests. I play keyboards and grunt in a metalband, I am very busy with fashion, I read, game and watch movies a lot and I also have a fair interest in IT and webdesign. I would describe my personality as kind, warm, helpful, loyal, optimistic and also a bit stubborn sometimes.In general, I’m a passionate woman who wants to study in Lison and who wants to have the time of her life!