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The hotel was ok overall. The room was great, with an amazing view. The spa and pool were great, but 3/5 times they didn’t have towels to give us and we had to use our robes.
The food was very good and the cleaning ladies were very nice and the room was very clean when we were coming back in the afternoon. And also the guy that was driving us to the cable lift every day was very nice and always waiting for us.
The reason I gave 2 stars were because of the other staff: the receptionists and the ski rental guy.
First of all, if you want to catch the first bus ride to the cable lift it s nearly impossible: the breakfast starts at 7:30 and the first bus is at 8. Also, if you left your skis at the hotel storage, that opens at 8, but the guy usually came at 8:10 and we missed the bus.
Leaving the skis was also an issue because, as there is no schedule for the storage, on the first day we rented our skis and came back to the hotel at 6, the receptionist told us that we couldn’t leave our skis at the storage as it was closed.
Also, there are no drinks included at dinner ( which is not a problem in my opinion) but when i ordered two bottles of water both glasses still had lip marks from the people that used them before.