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Cloud Citadel was my first experience in coliving and it worth it.
There is not so much opportunity in life to be part of a community but here in Cloud Citadel, this is the case. There is enough space for everybody: you will have the opportunity for example to animate a “share skill”, to propose an activity… People are open-minded and respectful. During my stay, we did yoga, cross-fit, circus workshop
The house is really well renovated: there is sun everywhere. Kitchen is big, co-working space really nice…
The area as well is perfect: lot of outdoor activities: climbing, hiking, skiing. I have seen places really beautiful (lake, mountains, valley) really close from the house.
In a nutshell, I felt at home quickly, I built strong relationship with people I met there, and I did so much cool things! It was an incredible experience. Don’t hesitate and book now, you won’t regret 😊