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At some point it was so cool to live and work from a place like Chateau coliving that I started feeling bad for my friends and colleagues and stopped mentioning it lol.

The place is awesome, rooms are big, beautiful, with a lot of light (even in Normandy). The cowork space is huge.

There are many fun activities to do with an excellent community:

– real life among us? Yeah!
– board games
– workshops
– community dinners, including excellent ultra-fresh seafood
– playing some videogames together
– movies
– many visits to beautiful villages and spots in the area
– all kinds of conversations!
– and many other things

I was in November and at the time of departure I was already booking for February and March.
My recommendation: come at least for a month 🙂

(I shouldn’t actually post this, they are already getting fully booked after being opened for less than a year and it will be more difficult to book a room in the future. Please forget everything I said, don’t come, stay home)