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franz&mathilde is one of my favorite places. Apart from being exactly what I needed with the insanely beautiful views, being far from the noise, singing birds calmly waking me up in the morning, and really nice walks around, it added on top some pretty spectacular attractions that I did not expect. There are beautiful waterfalls a couple minutes by car away. There are terms with sauna (check out a hey sauna) in Meran close by. There are small lakes around just right for a weekend trip (a walk around Kalterer See is just fantastic). There is a hill just next to the house that is steep enough that you can go up, see the sunrise, then come back and see the second sunrise from your room’s window. There is even a small lake with floating island (it actually moves from one side of the lake to another from one day to another even as it’s big enough to have a couple of trees).

The place itself is beautifully designed (both hosts Philipp and Sara are interior designers), has a co-working space, a nice living room and the hosts serve so good and diverse breakfast (vegan/vegetarian and other options) with many home made ingredients (like baba ganush, vegan egg spread, or gluten free pankakes) that I had a momentary decision paralysis every morning.

Sara and Philip are awesome hosts. I totally felt like home. We did a couple hikes together, a road trip, they invited me for lunch a bunch of times, and we plaid board/card games.

On top of that there’s Bobby Mitz. Bobby is the owner of the house (or she thinks so). She’s fluffy, has beautiful eyes, and is very playful. She’s also a cat and she loves lizards.