Wuhuuu 🐙💥🐙 What a lovely picture from our yesterday’s hike to the abandoned amusement park. This whole area could be the first real digital nomad village in the world, if the world would actually work like this 🤣 Anyway: One of the core principles of CoCoHub is 100% openness in order to foster the growth of accessible digital nomad communities 💯 For digital nomads aka ✊ generation freedom 🌟 as well as towards community heros out there who are thinking about launching their own coliving 🏠 And we can proudly say: It feels sooo much better to welcome nomads in your city and act as a community facilitator instead of being a service provider aka running your own coliving as you will end up spending 90% of your energy on things which don’t matter aka #bedsheets and answering booking requests. 🙏 Just a broad statement: As a CoCoAmbassedor for your nomad city you will most probably make a living just out of the network you are creating. Just a much smarter approach than hospitality itself, just saying. I mean, we like freedom and people, right? Why do we wanna deal with the houses then? ♥️ Just use your first movers advantage and don’t think too small. The future is great. 💥 PS: We are just blown away by the feedback we are receiving, so don’t mind if we take some time to actually reply 💚🌟💚 PSS: We just started to CoCoChapter 5 days ago and are already a funny gang. Let’s see what the next 9 weeks will bring. #Laissezfaire PSSS: We are in the process of setting up a foundation with the smartest coliving pioneers in the world in order to #GetShitDone and do the right things. So if you think, you are interested in a philanthropic approach to the problem we are solving, just reach out to us and tell us why you think that what we are doing actually matters.