Wuhuuuu ♥️♥️♥️ This Friday ❌ 7:30PM ❌ Malta Digital Nomad SUNSET PICNIC (Bring some snacks) ❌ Freedom BBQ 🌟Wuhuuuu. We just reached the 💯 CoCoGang members at CoCoHub Malta. 🥰 We are growing fast and slowly WhatsApp is just exploding. So let’s get organized and introduce our Community App called Vibely. ✔️ Meet other like-minded nomads in your city ✔️ Join others or host your activities / events ✔️ Reach out to our local ambassadors ▶️ Just open community.cocohub.io on your phone and join in ◀️ To test it out we just created the first event for Friday. Just a simple meetup by the sea in Valletta, where everyone is welcome to bring some delicious snack from your country of origin 🥰 with you. So just prepared something, share it afterwards and get to know the others you didn’t meet yet in real life. ▶️▶️▶️ BONUS: 🌟 Join CoCoHub in Malta via community.cocohub.io 🌟