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My stay was not terrible but I wanted to point out some major inconsistencies to hopefully guide others:
-This house is located at least a 20 minutes walk to the nearest “town” and grocery store. I was able to have use of the owner’s car during my stay but I’m told this is not the norm. Not sure how someone else would get around if not for Taxis which can be expensive.
-The owner has two dogs who stay at the house. While they are friendly, they do live in the common areas and shed over all the furniture. The dogs were not mentioned anywhere on the coliving website.
-While I wasn’t expecting a 5 star hotel, nothing ever seemed totally clean. All of the linens I was given were stained and/ or ripped.
-If you are coming in the off season, be aware that it will be cold and the house doesn’t have indoor heating. There is a wood burning stove on the 2nd floor but it doesn’t really radiate heat.
-It should be noted that the owner’s young son also lives in the house. He wakes up very early even on weekends and uses the common areas of the house. This was a little jarring for me as I like to sleep in.
-In the off season there are no activities going on at the house. I was expecting yoga per the website but that wasn’t an option.