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We had a blast in Lapoint Fuerteventura. People are the best, teachers are super competent and inclusive and fun. Jo my fav , I was in his class but you could find a great instructor in all of them, they all know what they are doing with great professionalism! Erica for yoga amazing also, specially after surfing, she also does the best porridge ever.
Food: The food was great as well, Rodolph great chef. Only aching notes of this experience to me was the management of the place. Girls seemed to care too little. I had an unpleasant event of intolerance cause they took too lightly my answer to the question “if i had any allergies”, to which i answered “intolerant to gluten”… they expected from me to write what level of intolerance. Which shouldn’t matter cause if I’m intolerant, I am, period. So long story short, first night I asked if dinner was gluten free, answer was yes (from all of them) and after eating it, emergency room was my first day visit that night. After that, still all the meal where not adjusted to my intolerance, just after three days finally they were, just after speaking directly to the cook, it started to be well handled and my meals started to be divided from the group, as it should be.
I did not take any legal action cause everything else was just Great, and dont feel like Lapoint has to pay for one mistake of two young girls, but it was bad. Lisa is the only girl from management who was very cooperative and present all the time, making sure I was set! But for the rest, i would suggest do not trust them too much (which by the way, dont get me wrong, they are very nice girls easy going, but not ready for this job for my personal opinion). Just be careful if you are intolerant to anything. Exaggerate on whatever level is your intolerance because otherwise it will take awhile before taken seriously. And if your intolerance it is pretty severe, like my case, just say you’re celiac. It will be taken under a more appropriate care.
Beside this I advice to you all to do this experience at least once in ur life cause it was just the best. We were also so lucky to have found the best group to spend it with.
Xoxo Lapoint