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At first, I was a bit hesitant to give them 5 stars and also suspicious why all their google reviews are 5 stars, but after I have lived there, I know why.

Forget about the house, as you can read it in the other reviews. However, I want to stress how Sunago made me feel. Sunago not only provided a place to stay but most importantly, it gave the feeling of community and a little distant family during my 2-months stay.
Fortunately enough, me and other guests as well as the hosts got along quite well. Less drama and more fun together from surfing, coastal hike, beach volleyball, BBQ, cooking, dinner, going out together, joking around, random and deep talks with each other..

Most other guests are also professionals, freelancers, remote workers, digital nomads, so we were pretty much aligned with the work time and fun time as well as the maturity level.

The hosts, Samara and the French guy from Marseilles, have always been helpful and they made sure that guests were having a good time throughout the entire stay. If you stay long enough like me, they become close and you can make fun of each other. 😀

The only contra is, if you don’t have a car and need an Uber or Bolt, they are not always available all the time and if you need a bike to get around, there’s only one bike to share (but I think, they are planning to get more bikes)

All in all, as the quote out there says, “People will never forget how you made them feel”. That’s how I feel about Sunago.