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Went for the surf lessons and definitely will go back for the Gota D’Agua community ✌🏽

I got to know a lot of amazing people through their social activities, day trips, the dinner in Lisbon and when we went for a drink in the evening. Also, I ate healthy and delicious food everyday (in the morning: yogurt bowls, scrambled eggs, chorizo, coffee, orange juice; in the evening: pasta bolese, barbecue, vegan options, wine).

The best thing: besides the food and social activities, I improved my surfing skills! I had some experience surfing before, but in the Gota D’Agua camp I learned to catch waves alone, which board to use, doing a good stand up and generally having a lot of fun – all the instructors are super chill, helpful and some are pro surfers even (Alan Saulo – look him up on Instagram). On top of that, I got to know the history of surf better and we also had a video analysis session.

But wait, there’s more: I also had an amazing yoga class to improve my balance, a dancing class and a professional photographer took cool pictures of me. The camp is worth every penny, and if you’ve read until here: JUST BOOK THE CAMP ALREADY. 🙂