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At HomeOffice Madeira you will get something that no hotel/hostel/tour guide or TripAdviser would ever be able to offer you.❤️
You will hike the routes and swim in the waterfalls that only locals know about. You will eat in places and have picnics at the spots that you can’t find in Google Maps. You will connect to people, find friends, cook dinners together, share emotions, have “deep talks”, laugh and cry (couldn’t resist after seeing the most beautiful sunset and dolphins jumping out of the water 😊)

But to enjoy it fully… You need to love the nature. You need to be flexible with the changing weather conditions and open to new things. If you are uncomplicated and easy going, then it’s a perfect place for you!

Here I lived the life fully. I can’t believe it’s been just 2 working weeks, it feels much more than that.

Figo, you are an amazing host! 🌟 You made a place where everyone wants to come back. Your desire to make everyone feel great and the love to the island make this place special. Big thank you for that!

P.S. a tip from me, please take more warm clothes, the weather is completely unpredictable