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How to Start?
First of all thanks to Figo, who is beside of Lotus 🐶 the heart and soul of HomeOffice Madeira. I had wonderful 4 weeks and really enjoyed it being part of the community.
The working conditions are great, like fast internet, good connection in the house and garden, various working spaces.
The community was the reason that 4 weeks felt like 1 but on the other side looking back on all those activities while working full time it feels like 4 months.
We were hiking, whale watching, drinking poncha, going for awesome dinners, planned the inside of Figo’s palheiro, celebrating Halloween with Pumpkins 🎃 and Scream 😱, went around the islands, made Pizza and cooked together, laughed a lot, but always had the chance to step back and take a break.
I will come back for sure.