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This place (HomeOffice and Madeira Island) did what no pill could do for me; it brought me so much inner peace and healing. I initially came here for 3 weeks and ended up staying 2 months. They were some of the best months of my life. Waking up in the clouds, surrounded by amazing nature, beaches, and fresh air… every day felt surreal.
And then you have the people you meet here. First, there’s Figo – the man behind this whole concept, who discovered all of Madeira’s best spots… he never fails to impress me by his business acumen and resilient nature. But, most importantly, Figo is the first welcoming face you meet when you get there. He instantly makes you feel at home, and I’ve seen, firsthand, how much thought he puts into everyone’s comfort and safety. He is quickly responsive and always open to suggestions.
Then, there are all the other guests you will meet there who, for the most part, are super sociable, open-minded, responsible and with amazing life stories. Not only did we laugh, eat, cook, hike, and dance together,  but we also had enriching conversations. I instantly bonded with so many like-minded individuals. I was inspired by them and learned from them.
Overall, this has been such an exciting adventure and transformational experience. I left Madeira a new person.