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I stayed at this place for 5 nights and honestly it was a great experience. I needed to work a few hours per day and here we had everything we needed to comfortably work: proper desk and chair, Internet, etc.
Besides having dedicated work space, the place was very very clean. You have everything you need for living like a well equipped kitchen and washing machines and dryers and so on. The rooms were also very comfortable. You get big lockers and a drawer under your bed and the beds have a curtain on the side to give you some private space.
Another thing I loved about this place was the staff. They are super friendly and helpful and they contact you before arriving there to arrange everything in advance for a comfortable stay and they also have channels where they announce events and fun activities you can attend.
The environment of the place was in general very friendly. You can meet a lot of very interesting people there and enjoy the city together!
The prices are also very affordable. I will definitely stay there again if I go back to Barcelona!