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What an amazing place!!
We came to RuralCo to find a good place to focus on work and we found that and much more!!

The people is amazing.
We shared our stay with digital nomads, headhunters, developers, etc. Everyone with a positive mindset and a joy to share our stay with. We made great friends.

The Host (and owner of RuralCo) is a great person, who was always looking to improve our stay. He always promotes fun things to do over the weekends, we shared meals, did kayaks, went to the beach, went for a hike, went to do a zipline, etc.

The food … it needs a separate review. Spectacular! Each one cooked one day a week and did the best to share their local cuisine. So we ate great food and learned a lot. Be aware, there is a LOT of amazing food.

The place, is perfect. Away from the caos of the cities, with a great cowork and meeting rooms, and the sleeping rooms were great also.

So, a perfect coliving. We will definitelly come back.