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I can only say that my stay at Creative Harbour in Larajes on Fuerteventura was simply amazing. The house is in a very convenient location with easy access to public transportation and its own parking lot. The surrounding area has everything you need for a comfortable stay including restaurants, supermarkets, volcanoes, skate parks and CrossFit studios.

The service provided by the on-site community manager is simply fantastic. He organizes everything from surfing and kiting to transportation and offers a discount as well. The founders put a lot of effort into making every detail of the place perfect and it is constantly being improved.

The facilities of the hostel are great. The rooms are either equipped with their own toilets or a shared bathroom (for 2 rooms), but it never caused any problems. The kitchen is well equipped and Alessandro, one of the founders, is an outstanding cook. The pool is perfect for cooling off during lunch breaks, and there are 20 yoga mats available for communal yoga sessions.

I travel a lot and have stayed in over 60 hostels, but Creative Harbour is unique. The concept of a co-working and co-living hostel is perfectly executed, with decent desks and chairs, perfect network coverage, and a pleasant working environment. Unlike other hostels where there are often internet problems or noise that can affect concentration, Creative Harbour offers a perfect working environment. Also, the turnover in other hostels is annoying at some point, but at Creative Harbour you stay for at least a week.

All in all, it was an outstanding experience to be there so soon after the first Creative Harbour Hostel opened. The spirit and mindset that has already arrived at the hostel made the stay something very special. I wish the founders all the best for the future and I’m looking forward to the next time!

P.s.: Andre: Good luck as community manager. You are the best person for the job!
P.p.s.: I fell in love with the Italian mentality! Miss u allready guys!