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I recommend staying here. They offer tons of value, and they do it with style- delicious food, comfortable spaces to lounge/work, good music taste, nice interior decoration, and daily activities to include everyone.

The shared meals + activities + volunteer to guest ratio create a true co-living experience rather than a typical hostel/any other co-living, co-work space I’ve been to. Once you arrive, you will need to integrate into a group of people who are already well settled. So if you’re a bit introverted/sensitive, just be patient.

But given this, if you are just passing through for a week or so, you will likely end up wanting to stay longer. I think it’s the perfect place for a month or more of living.

Also, if you prefer your independence, rent a car- it’s cheap. But if you don’t, they do a good job of offering trips to the supermarket and have a car you can rent for 20/euro day. But you’ll have to either wait for group trips to the supermarket, or have to coordinate with a volunteer to let you use the car. This is done in person or over Slack, so in terms of communication, you will have to be flexible/patient.

My most tangible feedback is that they should put a fan in every bedroom. Also, because Maraya is special, people are drinking the Koolaid and I think that a customer-oriented mindset can get lost and some things overlooked. It’s a young company, so you will get to stay and be a part of a place that’s maturing, and will likely be around for years! Be open with the staff too, they are receptive and caring.

So BOOK IT for as long as you can, and rent a car if you think you’ll want to do a lot of exploring independently. If you don’t rent a car (many don’t), you’ll still find opportunities to explore with others. But, don’t arrive hungry if you won’t have a car. And if you do, take the somewhat sketchy walk to El Molino because it’s delicious and friendly service.

You won’t regret staying at Maraya! Have fun.