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I really struggled with what stars to give for this review, as the owner and community managers at nine delivered on everything they promised.

However, a lot of the time, I felt I didn’t really fit in at nine and have to admit to feeling relieved when my 3-week stay came to an end.

While there were real highlights (Eurovision on the rooftop, the impromptu lunchtime dancing session suggested, baraquito in the square and the brilliant community day), other times I struggled with just not feeling part of a community.

In terms of what nine promises to deliver: big variety of events, daily yoga, stunning setting, delicious healthy breakfasts, a clean, well organised space with lots of activity and variety – all 100%.

If it were just on what nine provides, I would give 5 stars.

In terms of my actual enjoyment of the experience, for most of the time, I’d probably give a 2.5 or 3 out of 5.

Having now stayed in numerous co-living spaces, one thing that co-live owners and hosts can attempt to influence, but in reality never control, are group dynamics.

While no one was remotely horrible to me, I found a strange dynamic.

One night you’d have a fantastic deep conversation with a fellow co-liver, the next day they’d walk past you in the hall and barely acknowledge you.

There were lots of other ‘micro’ incidents. For example, being kindly offered a lift to the beach by 3 co-livers and spending the day there with them, but then not being included in the conversation.

Maybe it was to do with the fact that quite a few of the co-livers had been there a while and done other co-livings and/or stays at nine together. Maybe not.

Perhaps it was me(!), although I did involve myself in a lot of events and made the effort to mingle and talk to everyone.

Out of all of the co-living experiences, I’ve done (which have now been many in the past few months), I’ve felt part of the community pretty much from the get go. Sadly not at nine.

The reason I’m writing this review is, after much reflection, to give balance and honesty.

Perhaps others that go to nine feel the way I do, but because Ann and the community managers are lovely and do all they can, they give five star reviews, or don’t review at all.

I don’t believe there’s any constructive feedback I can give to nine to improve the experience from what they’re already doing.

It’s purely to do with the dynamics you encounter at the time.

Just wanted to present a balanced view.

On more mundane matters: I had a very spacious en suite room, although it was a bit damp. The wifi worked very well in the office. It didn’t work well in my bedroom, but Ann sorted that. The location was the absolutely beautiful town of La Oratava, which I loved. It was often shrouded in cloud, so if you want non-stop beating down sun, South Tenerife would probably be a better fit. The daily breakfasts were healthy and plentiful. I liked nine’s commitment to sustainability.