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Nine was my first experience of co-living and I absolutely adored it. I originally came for 5 weeks in Nov-18 but extended until the end of Mar-19 staying for almost 18 weeks! If that doesn’t show you how amazing this place is, let me explain the things that I think make Nine special 🙂

*Community: As a new Digital Nomad, I was concerned I was going to feel lonely while travelling. The day I arrived at Nine I was immediately reassured. This place attracts amazing people, and with all the group hikes, meals, BBQs and yoga co-ordinated by Anne, I was never short of company.

*Location: Nine is located right in the middle of La Oratava’s old town. The view of the historic buildings from the rooftop is amazing and the town has an authentic feel as there are very few tourists. There is a supermarket and Cross-fit 5 minutes walk away. What else do you even need? On top of this, being located in the North of Tenerife, there were so many hikes and activities nearby to do. I really think North Tenerife is an un-tapped travel destination worth discovering.

*Workspace: There is a unique energy to the workspace at Nine that lends itself well to productivity and making money 🙂 I can safely assure you that this is regardless of who is there since I stayed for 4 months and through many groups and the energy always remained. I think it is the combination of comfy, well-equipped desks combined with lots of natural light, through the large windows that create such a healthy work environment.

*House & Rooms: My bedroom felt immediately homey, with everything I could need while living there for over 4 months! As I mentioned earlier the community is everything, but the house is so big that it is never a challenge to find your own space outside of your bedroom. There is a huge rooftop that is perfect for sunshine working, a beautiful garden ideal for creative drawing and on a rainy day you can curl up on the sofa in the livingroom with your laptop and a cup of tea. Perfection.

*Hosts: Above everything else my favourite thing about Nine are the hosts, Anne and Lara (the dog). Anne goes above and beyond for all of her guests, and is the reason the people here begin to feel like family. Lara is the most delightful, easy-going yet energetic dog I have met and she seems to naturally adapt to every different guest. It’s incredible. I will miss them so much, but know that I will definitely be back to visit again soon!

Thanks again for such an amazing experience.

I cannot recommend this place enough.