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I honestly don’t do reviews as I usually speak to management directly. (That’s if one can find any at the collective old oak!) But if I had to Give it a rating, it would be one star and that’s me being extremely generous. However, one must give credit when credit is due and that’s to the night reception team and especially Kul Isha for her professionalism and willing to help and assist. I find her extremely efficient and welcoming.

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the day reception team the lack of interest and vague answers and just an unwelcome attitude as one approaches the “hub” ie reception desk.

*Nevertheless, one must be fair and honest. I only realised that after writing this review that the day reception team had one outstanding team member in Miss Lavina Coley. Frankly, it’s only saving grace at this moment in time!

Speaking as a customer service professional with 6+ years of experience in customer facing roles, creating and containing a good relationship with VIP customers I’m flabbergasted by how management chooses who does nights and who does days.

**Ps I’m quite curious now if this review prompts a reply?

*• correction: added a few days later
**• over 5 days have past from posting this and yet no comment from management…