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I was less than impressed with this co working.
Was really happy to see they decided to open a location in Santa Marta.. The design is definitely well thought out, very colorful and vibrant.
The entrance is through a different hostel, you have to climb a couple of flights of stairs and go through the bar to get to the co working.
The prices aren’t cheap.
The space is open so hot, humid and noisy.
And bottom line- the internet is not good.
I had to go on my hotspot to finish my calls that lost connection in the middle.
I had to go all the way down to reception to ask for help with the internet, and was just told they are trying to see what the problem is. Never got back to me, or apologized, or refunded the day. Was really upset with the level of service.
I got a sandwich at the bar, which was pretty good, but than the place’s cat decided to sit on my table while I ate, which I really didn’t like.
This cat is also the reason I was told I can’t bring my dog to the space.. But apparently cat hair in the food is ok.
So bottom line- disappointing. I hope they do better in the future, especially when it comes to customer service.