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Volunteer lifespan they use for their hard work is no more then 1-2 weeks maximum. They are placed in a dirty “cave” with zero facilities nearby. It’s all about free labor exploitation. The girl running the place shouts at all her volunteers when something doesn’t go 100% her way. She kicks out volunteers while they are with high fever on bed…. I offered to pay for it, asked the price, but she didn’t want to hear it.

Don’t count too much on the WiFi connection BTW (during rain season)!

*I can’t comment on the comment, but let me put clear here, that it are sad attempts to refute my review with the wildest lies! “Newly painted”, “choose freely”, “difficult attitude”, “disrespectfully” 😂 Please stop. I can’t stop laughing! Which kitchen?! Which facilities? The rudeness you bark with to volunteers also….