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I had heard once that, “Friends and neighbours are the new family of the 21st century” . My time at Nomad Coliving has made me believe it. It’s been the best experience of my time in Montreal. The space attracts people who have been enjoyable, like-minded, ambitious and caring company to have, especially during the times of a pandemic . You can brainstorm ideas, bounce your startup strategies in a very intelligent and resourceful environment.

Beyond the essence of great community, the space has a great kitchen with a focus on hygiene and cleanliness at all time. The rooms are cosy and it’s very easy to make your room your own. Francois and Maria ensure every requirement is met, with a smile. Most time together is always filled with the sound of laughter amidst the focussed professional work that everyone at the house is involved with.

Much love to the NoCo family. Will always be a lifelong supporter of the space and the people running and inhabiting it, regardless of where I am in the world 🙂