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I really enjoyed the place and the warm welcoming attitude of Maria e Guillaume.
I spent 3 weeks in the Angel Private Room, it was comfortable, clean and with no noise.
The co-working space enables productivity and also interesting meetings.
I contacted startups and entrepreneurs in my field of interest and I participated to the tech-related events they periodically organize.
The community is vibrant and they also organize aperò/beers to facilitate guests to know each other and get the most from such experience.
I appreciated the organization: a Slack channel allows you to be in synch with the activities and enriched maps (via googlemaps) informs you about the best places in the neighbourhood for any needs.
At my arrival, I get informed about avoiding the unpleasant SF area, called Tenderloin.
Don’t miss Whoole Foods Market, near Basecamp, on the same road, I loved to get healthy and delicious lunch there!
I definitely look forward to go again next time I’ll be in SF!