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6 stars please!

Where to begin? Surfbreak isn’t just a place you stay and work for a few months. It’s a place where like-minded adventurous people come together and experience the islands in a way that isn’t possible elsewhere.

The Surfbreak team put something truly special together. They make you feel at home, and you will likely find them and your fellow roomies to be your Ohana (family). This doesn’t feel like an isolated hotel, but it does have all the perks of one. You have an efficient and clean setup to be productive when you’re doing your work, with a breathtaking views no-matter what direction your room faces. Beyond being productive, you need to relax and the space makes it easy to do that. From sharing a meal, taking in the views, doing some yoga before you surf, you’ll find it meets your needs. By the way, you can even just grab one of the surfboards and hit the waves!

You truly won’t be disappointed and let’s face it, going anywhere alone isn’t as fun as when you make friends and have a community to enjoy it with. Book it, don’t give it second thoughts. I have so many great memories and friends as a result and you will too. You are in fantastic hands with RJ, Kelsey, and crew. 🤙 Mahalo