Our CJO’s Annual Thanksgiving Address:

Four years ago, perpetually unsatisfied with my existence and seeking answers, I exited the matrix – choosing to live and work in hostels around the world.

I was unconscience as to why these environments made me feel so good. Never before had I experienced such stimulation of my emotional, intellectual or physical beings.

On this Thanksgiving I’m grateful to finally ‘see’ and understand why…. that the core of existence is to share within communities – to foster Joy, healing and Love

Last night a small group of friends shared dinner off a single plate. Our Naan filled hands cleared the central bounty clean, laughing and rejoicing all the while. I felt love in my heart… This experience is emblematic of the broader thesis.

Today I shared myself with the mountain. Previously unaware as to why trekking makes me feel so good, I now understand it’s an energetical exchange with mother earth. We share with the planet and visa versa. She holds our space to see and heal.

This year has been special, in understanding the oneness of it all. The ups n downs and personal healing have brought me closer to my center… to a place where sharing in communities has become a service. I feel my energies are a gift and that makes me super grateful.

I’m grateful to share these energies everday, to light up hearts and ignite passion in my peers.

Im also grateful to finally see that this physical game were playing is masking a spiritual reality.

And finally to understand the things which trigger me from the outside (or inside) are intentional. We exist simply to heal ourselves and the world – and to share this path and process with our communities.

Perhaps this sharing is service in disquise… helping us discover and release our darkness and to come closer to center.

If your ever ‘searching’, I encourage seeking out community and whenever we loose faith that this is the path, just step into nature, go for a hike, or sit under a tree… let Pachamama hold and share with you. Feel her love and heal.

Happy Thanksgiving Ya’ll… Gobble Gobble!

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