I have been working as a Professional Photographer & Creative Director since 2011 with Local & Global Talents from varied geographies. My work demonstrates vivid imagination and the ingenuity with which I translate ideas into sensory delights.Fashion & Beauty, Commercial & Advertising, Lifestyle, Fine Art Conceptual Photography are the areas of traverse both in an outdoor location and studio setups. Working in tandem with a diverse & talented network of clients, producers, artists, technicians, stylists, and assistants, the essence is that of creating a long-living reign for the digital nomad.The universe continually emits triggers, to which all our senses become the vessels for possibly immersive experiences. And I wish to taste the sound, smell the words, hear the colors and patterns, see the breeze, touch the light, and these are not the only ways I seek to embrace the world around me. But I often choose to detach myself from these elements to consecrate my senses for the translation of vision without disconnecting completely. As much as music, art, adventure, and sports delight me, I gather inspiration from the nuances of the commonplace too. The souls I meet, the places I see during my travels challenge my beliefs and teach me to unlearn. The audacity to unlearn physical, subliminal boundaries us humans have created and challenge what we believe with the intersection of different levels of intellect. Relentless curiosity & playful explorations sit deep within.From a young age, I have been inclined towards visuals. I started venturing onto sets and locations as an assistant photographer learning the nitty-gritty of how a thought is developed into an idea and further comes to life; pre-production, shooting, and post-production. Nurturing a thought through the process – research & development, ideation, conceptualization, planning, management, communication – is part of my constant learning experience. As I extensively traveled with Mr. Sam Mohan, we created astounding bodies of work we are proud of – including over 250 commercial shoots for brands, businesses, and agencies across geographies. I cherish Yolk as my home ground and look forward to the innumerable adventures coming our way. I don’t have it all figured out, but for sure, this incredible life is more than just figuring out. Let’s empathize beyond sympathy.