Hello folks,I’m Shane, a 30 years old Taiwanese and have been in Germany since 2014.I’m looking for a short- or long-term WG-room starting immediately or latest on 01.10, because my current landlord wants to move back to Berlin and live in this apartment by herself by the END OF THIS MONTH.Room type: any (single-studio, WG-room, single apartment, etc.)Location: inside the ring and no south-west area neither SpandauBudget: €750 warmPeriod: longer than 2 months Anmeldung: no neededI have a master’s degree in Automotive Engineering and will start my work as Mechanical Design Engineer this November. Before this job starts, I’m required to finish an online training program starting on 12.09, so I’ll basically be at home the whole day during the week, like Home Office, until 21.11.I speak Mandarin, fluent English, and (unfortunately not socially capable) German. I’m friendly, easy-going, and open-minded. Introverted so don’t party at all. At home, I’m usually quiet and do my own stuff, but wouldn’t rule out spending time with my flatmate. I love & good at cooking, especially Taiwanese and Japanese cuisines, and love sharing food with others.I respect others’ space, and always keep the shared space like the kitchen, and bathroom, tidy and clean after use.If you need them, I have proof of income, Mietunschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung, and positive SCHUFA, all the necessary documents with me.If you have any available room, please send me pm: regards,Shane Y