Hola fellow nomads… I left the UK in September 2021 & after a short trip to USA I’m now back in PDC to put down some roots for the foreseeable future.If anyone would like to catch up for a coffee/drink and talk marketing & business or just life in general, give me a shout – it would be great to meet up with cool, like-minded people.[Mini-pitch]In the UK I was working with authors, and experts/marketers in property investment (real estate) training, wealth education and personal development. I was also running small socials, entrepreneur Meetups, InterNations & monthly Property networking events myself in my spare time – whilst crewing at the big 1000+ personal development/wealth events in London – with people like Tony Robbins and T. Harv Eker. Having worked with big and small training companies to automate their business and help with marketing events, online course creation and digital strategy. 
I’ve also worked with property investors network (Simon Zutshi), systemising their operations and helping run the education side of the business, as well as running events for Robert G Allen and working with Wealth Dragons (John Lee/Vincent Wong). I wasn’t the guy at the front (on stage) or on the sales desk – but the one sat at the back of the room making sure everything flowed smoothly, both online and in the room. 

Right now I have a couple of ideas in mind for my next project, so would like to meet with someone who is a graphic artist that is into symbology – and would also like to meet anyone that wants some help to build an online business or course. [/mini-pitch]
Now that’s the superficial stuff out of the way… 💖 
I’m looking to connect with people who don’t care too much about the above but care more about their fellow humans. The ‘woo-woo’ crowd that want to change people’s lives and make a difference to everyone they meet, who like talking about deeper topics such as the unknown, LoA, power of thought, intention, intuition, kinesiology and whatever random thing comes to mind in the moment.As much as the stuff I mentioned earlier (automation, systems, marketing etc) is important to build and grow your business, I prefer to hang out with and help genuine, honest & heart-centred people who would do what they do for free because it’s what they’re truly passionate about, where getting paid is just the bonus/reward for BEing themselves. When you combine the two (head and heart) is where the magic happens ✨

If this sounds like you (or I sound like someone you might want to meet), drop me a message and let’s get together next week. (I’m studio/apartment hunting this weekend, so if you have any recommendations PM me). 🏖️ I can be found wandering around playa and on the beach, just being in awe how fortunate I am to be here right now. As much as it’s beautiful to just exist out here, I also want/need to use this time and energy… to be creative, productive and sharing the ideas that pop into my brain and will come up in our collective consciousness. As well as making it fun and enjoyable at the same time too!So get in touch.
Bobby 😃