Hi!I’m Felipe, a 27 years old Uruguayan. Since the very first time I lived abroad, back in 2017 when I moved to the US for a semester, I fell in love with the experience and wanted more! Then between 2019-21 I’ve been living in Madrid (Spain), while taking my master degree. Currently, I’m in Italy in the last steps to obtain my citizenship by descent and I will be moving to Berlin next.I do cybersecurity for a living and work from home, but I love having fun as well! I really enjoy cooking and sharing meals, going out with friends, playing party games, reading, watching TV-shows, working out, and traveling, among others.I grew in a 6-people family and have also lived in student apartments, so living within a like-minded group of people that look out for each other is what I’m used to, and I really enjoy it! I love becoming friend with my roommates and sharing group activities, while I also value having my own privacy and respecting that of others.Spanish is my mother tongue, but I also speak English and Italian, und ich lerne Deutsch :)Cheers!