Hi there! I’m Zorawar. A 26 year old software dev moving to sthlm (been there before and liked it). When I’m not pushing keys on a laptop, I like to go out and get crazy. I surf when I’m at the beach and snowboard when I’m in the hills (still learning and falling!). I try to live by what-i-think can be called calculated-crazy: like pregaming a little too much coffee with a little too much whisky before blackout dancing in a club or under the stars but I also workout, eat clean, and love a good conversation. I’ve made a few lifetime friends on my solo backpacking adventures in every hostel I’ve been to to know that I love good company and thrive in an inclusive environment. I also like to have my own personal space and let others do their own thing. I’d like to share my small learning’s in life, from writing code to riding waves, and everything in between. And also listen and learn from the amazing people I’ll meet along the way.