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It seems everything they do is for short term residents. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem but I was here in their slow season and the building felt very empty and devoid of life. Catering to the short term crowd leaves businesses like this more susceptible to low occupancy rates during the low season. This brings more risk if customer satisfaction is important because people like me might come in the low season and have a bad experience if they expect people and socialization like I did. I came to experience Selina, not Athens. This Selina just happened to be in Athens. However, my experience was probably bad more due to management’s lack of communication. I expected to socialize with people, meet people, and get the Selina experience. Instead, I was told two days prior to my trip that their rooftop area was closed. Half of their pictures on social media are of just the rooftop so it’s clearly important. Upon arrival, I quickly realized that was the heart of this specific location. My week long stay was booked months ahead of time so staff knew we were coming and could have told us ahead of time so that we could come at another time when the rooftop would be open, but they didn’t. I appreciate their attempts to remedy their lack of communication after we arrived but what I came here for was simply not available. On top of that, our neighbors would blast music long after quiet hours and they wouldn’t listen to turn it down after several people told them. Again, staff did an exceptional job to attempt to remedy it but it’s simply bad business to not deliver on your promises.