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One of the greatest experiences I have had in a long time. I came here for kitesurfing lessons who were absolutely faboulus thanks to Adam and Jacob smiles.

In these days, the wind did not always do its jobs and therefore could not always kitesurf. Fortunetaly the team would arrange other activities. I was able to also “learn” windsurf and surf! Which was a great experience since all teachers are super kind. The view at the surf spot I went is really worth a visit.

Next to that the hostel felt very luxury. Over the days I slept in a spacious and clean dorm with other fun solo travelers. I guess a great environment attracts great people since after a week the other travelers felt like old friends. Sometimes I did feel that the showers were somewhat cold, but I guess the Wim Hof Method of cold showers should make you happier over the days. Finishing off with the food, every morning I had a great various breakfast and an extremely tasty dinner (pokebowls, hot pot and more).

I want to thank the team for the good vibes and calming my crazy mom.
Will be coming back for sure!