Sunday, time for relax and reflection.
One interesting question to reflect about is:

People define service in many different ways. Reflection about these different definitions can be very interesting and eye-opening and reveal the diversity of ideas, and to underscore the importance of recognizing differing perspectives.
Here come some sample definitions.
Can you relate to any of them? Or what is your definition of service?

Joining the armed services
Providing dinner once a week at a homeless shelter
Talking with a friend
Chaining yourself to an old growth tree as loggers enter the forest
Leaving your car at home and biking to work every day
Giving $50 to the United Way
Walking a frail person across a busy street
Writing a letter to a congressperson about the dangers of nuclear proliferation
Giving blood
Tutoring a migrant worker
Adopting an eight year old boy
Quitting your job to move to a monastery and meditate for a year
Working as a state legislator
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