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One of the best co-living spaces in Tenerife!


This co-living is located a few kilometers from the city of El Medano, which is a small traditional city (no big hotels or casinos here) . You will find plenty of local restaurants and bars long the shore line .
El Medano is known for its two beaches and the practice of paddle and kite surf. It has a great jogging trail and many groups practice yoga in front of the beach at around 6pm (you can find these groups on social media).

How to get there

This co-living is 5 minutes’ drive from the Southern airport but coming by feet is impractical (unless you really like to hike). The best way to arrive at the co-living is to take their own van service from Southern Airport.
If you arrive at the Northern Airport, there is a direct bus line (+-42 mins) towards Southern Airport that is quite easy (it costs 8€ a single ride).

The Surroundings

The tree House Hostel is located on a hill with view on the sea (see my pictures). It is almost completely surrounded by nature. Because of that, you can sometimes be woken up by birds or goats that live in biological farms close by. If you have a light sleep and nature sounds disturbs you, some earplugs might be helpful.

The Space

This co-living is like a renovated hacienda where life is articulated around the main court which contains many sitting/working spaces (see my pictures) . It has a small artificial beach with view on the hills, a private bar and many poufs to sit on. There are many areas for socializing and meet people.
The pool is right next to the central courtyard and is fairly big. It is naturally warmed so expect refreshing bath’s until mid-march.

The amenities

This place has a large fully equipped shared kitchen equipped with ovens, microwave oven, heaters and industrial fridges. It also has a (paying) large washing machine and dryer.

The Room

I have stayed in a private room which was fairly big with a double bed and a great natural desk (see pictures). My room had large bathroom with a shower .

The internet connection

The internet connection comes from a network of 4G re-routers that cover the whole property.
The connection was super stable . I tested the speed and it was 15-20mps download and 3 mps upload (see pic enclosed).
My work as an ecommerce entrepreneur does not involve constant upload/download from the cloud and I could do everything I wanted from here. Advice : if internet is super important to you, bring your personal 4/5 G wireless router that you will use with a local sim card.

In Conclusion

If you are a party animal looking for a base from which to rest in between your sessions, this is not the best place, I would recommend a flat in Los Americas beach.
This place is however extraordinary if you want to find a base where to work and mingle with people from all the horizons. You will get enough personal space for doing your work but in the same time have great opportunities for socializing & drinks after-work and find great friends to visit around. Don’t hesitate one second, this place will be with you even once you have left.