Did you notice we took a short social media snooze? Sometimes it’s important to take a break and reset✨⁠

Our slumber is vital to our well-being, there are many factors which contribute to whether we get a good night’s sleep but, let’s chat about seasonal sleep.⁠

Our sleep patterns are aligned with our day🌞 and night🌚 schedules and these patterns allow our bodies enough time to refuel and raise energy levels. As the days get shorter we miss out on the very precious vitamin D and when the sun sets our melatonin levels skyrocket making us feel lethargic of an evening.⁠

Tips for a rested sleep:⁠

🌙 Take a step away from social media, digital distractions and realign with a book, chatting to a friend or pick up a hobby – bring joy in new forms to your life.⁠

🌙 Getting into your sleep groove, create an environment that helps you destress before bed – maybe that’s lighting some candles or taking a soak in the bath.⁠

🌙 Fuel your body with foods you love, that nourish and energise you. Good food equals a good mood.⁠

🌙 Our bodies change throughout the year, allow time to rest – go easy on yourself, you’re human.⁠

Imagery by Kyle Thompson⁠

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