Each of us needs different amounts of human contact but one thing is for sure we all need connection and support in our lives to be our happiest, healthiest version of ourselves ✨ ⁠

Too much contact and it can tip the other way – we all need space – and let’s face it, some things are best kept private! 👀⁠

At @MasonFifth, we offer the best of both worlds. Access to personal space when you need it – with your own private studio – combined with a ready-made community right on your doorstep. Your ‘framily’ are always close by for times when you want to bring people into your world, connect through a shared meal, hang times or perhaps around more structured activities like our book club, cooking class or our group coaching session run by relationships expert and our Head of Feelings @naomicambridge 💡 ⁠

As part of our new content series #SpiritLevel, we asked @naomicambridge if she had any tips for staying connected to yourself and to others, and if she’s noticing any differences in how we’re all connecting now that we’re coming out of lockdown… ⁠

“People are made to connect, we regulate our emotions through connection with others. It can boost our immune system and reduce anxiety and depression. However, so many of us have been pretty deprived of this basic human need during lockdown and coming out of it can feel bittersweet; we want a connection with others but it can also feel pretty overwhelming after so long without in-person contact! My advice is to do small chunks of time at first so that you can stay connected and grounded within yourself. Feel into your boundaries around how close you want others to come to you and how you want to be greeted (what kind of touch feels good) and let others know upfront. Be honest about how you’re feeling. Sometimes just the very act of saying ‘wow, I feel really anxious right now’ reduces the anxiety.” 🌒🌙⁠

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